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Window Tinting XPEL XR Plus 


Xpel Window Tint Package: XR Plus

Our Xpel XR Plus window tint package is the ultimate high performance Xpel window tint available on the market. It offers 98% infrared heat rejection using multi-layer nanoparticle technology. This package is the one of our top selling Xpel window tint packages and for good reason. The Xpel XR Plus package combines a cool look with extreme performance. It provides superior heat rejection as well as 99% UV ray protection that can help prevent skin cancer and premature aging. It uses ceramic technology to blend metal and nano particles to create a solid barrier blocking out the sun. Because of the multi-layer nano-ceramic technology, this package blocks out more infrared heat than other Xpel window tint packages. It won’t interfere with radio, cellular or bluetooth signals. If you’re looking for the best window tint installer in South Jersey, look no further than your experts at Dynamic Tint.

Included in Package

  • Non-Metal: Won’t Block Cell, Satellite or Radio Signals
  • Non-Reflective
  • Protects Against UV, Infrared and Heat
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Fading
xpel window tint
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